May 16, 2007

Yo ho ho!

Nope, it's not Captain Feathersword, but he is a big fan! lol

Here is the LO I did las tnight. I will gt back to my Plain Jane Cigar Box tonight. I just HAD to get my hands into this kit, making a LO with it. Plus I want to get in on a few challenges. One more at SoML with the kit and one at this new challenge blog

I am babysitting again for my BF's kids. THey are stuck insode today becuase it has decided to rain and I see that Mr. Weatherman says it will probably rain all week!!!

Today is a good cleaning and scrapping day- if I could only find where I put that motivation. Actually it is feeling more like a catch-up on DVR'd shows day! lol


shelly b said...

How much do I love this LO!!!

Aimee said...

this page makes me smile :)

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