May 31, 2007

I love the 1st of the month!!

Tonight is the night to get your SoML kits! Lots of Love, Elsie in it! I am stoked to get this baby! I can't wait! THe link own't work until Midnight to the store so you can also check here to see wha tthe kit looks like: Story Of My Life main page.

Also, the June Poppy Ink will be on it's way. I'm really thinking aout an add-on but we'll see
how much I end up spending. I know I'm getting the main kit- so that makes me totally happy!

Did you get to shop at the Poppy Ink Little Pretty Stamp Shop? I ordered a bunch of new stamps. The cuckoo clock was sold out but I think I'll live. But hey, if ayone got one and decides that they don't want or need it- email me or leave me a comment. I'll buy it from you! There are still a few left for sale so you can click the link above and go shopping!
I ended up getting my hands on the stemstalk, the robot, nesting, the damask, the bird cages, and the sock monkey!!

What else...OH! I know what else! The SIS TV Kelly Crow Collection. I am expecting that here pretty soon too. Yup, I'm stockin' up for the summer. Lot's of scrappy days ahead and I can't wait! It's so hard to wait for the goodies to come in the mail but around here it's the only way to get the good stuff! ANyhow, this Collection is HAWT stuffs! Seriously!

Tomorrow I'm riding out to some outlets in Mass with my friend for some shopping! I want to hit up the Rue 21 outlet and the GAP outlet. We are on the hunt for some quality sandals which seem to be hard to come by.
We have a wedding to attend ont he 12th so we really need to get things together for that. My son needs a nice shirt and so does Dh. We all nee dnew dress shoes. Gosh, can you tell we don't go out much? I *might* buy a new dress depending on if I can find a good deal or not.

So this weekend should be pretty laid back. I want to really enjoy it cause the next couple weeks after that will be pretty hectic.
It's hot here so I'm about to go dig out some fans for the bedrooms to cool the house off real quick. I am so not ready for the AC yet. I think fans should do the job for now. Digging them out is the hard part-
Happy shopping for all you kit junkies like me! I think I need one more and I know that would be the JB kits. Dh needs a raise! Er, maybe in the fall when I start working again! I need me some of that goodness, for reals!


Barbara said...

I love the 1st of the month too!!!

michelle said...

i am a kit freak.. i got 7 kits last month..sigh, sigh.. definately get the JBS kit.. my fave!

miss morgan... said...

this reminds me that i need to do my first of the month re-cap still! although i am kind of waiting for the add-ons release over at zing boom (her comp crashed)

did you end up getting an add-on over at poppy? oh, and i have that cuckoo clock stamp, if you send me your address i can at least stamp it on some random sheets of paper and send them to you!

Anonymous said...

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