May 15, 2007

Recap of last week...

Here is the pic that was in yesterday's paper from the Art Show that we attended last Thursday- don't they look adorable with their faces painted?

I whippe dup this little butterfly chipboard mini for my Grandmother for Mother's Day. I added contact size pictures of the kids and I from over the past two months. I used my Fancypants Designs Journaling stamps and PP from an old Rob & Bob Sutdios paper pack that I have been wanting to use up- It came out cute! I especially like the huge amount of ribbon I used. Grama just loved it too!

This is what grama gave to me for my birthday! I LOVE them both and they are perfect for my birdcage. I just need to glue gunthem onto the perch in the cage.

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miss morgan... said...

awww such cuties! and i love the idea of a little mini with contact prints. i've used them to make frames or borders, but never as the pic itself, very cool!

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