Jul 9, 2009

who's up for a guessing game!!!

with moving and summer taking so much of my time

i have not had any time to update or have fun

with my blog in such a long time!

so here is a little number i just came up with while sitting out on the deck,

enjoying the beautiful view.
(looking south, not west) teehee!

When will my new neighbors mow their lawn?

whoever guesses correctly will receive scrappy happymail!!

winner will be announced as soon as they mow their lawn, of course :)

a hint, just for fun...
this could happen any day now.
i have been here for 2 weeks and it's pretty tall already.

another little hint- someone put up a volleyball net this afternoon, so i
am almost sensing good intentions. teehee!

i will take a pic as soon as a find some batteries!


Lori W said...

ok, I'll play....I'm thinking Saturday, July 11th.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I am horrible at hints...lol...i have missed ya....I'm with Lori though and think the 11th! :):):):):)

Thinkie said...

I think friday late in the afternoon

Jeans said...

I vote Sunday June 12th, because it's my sister's birthday, and everyone wants to mow the lawn on my sister's birthday. :)
-Jeannie (from SIS) :)

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