Jun 2, 2009

it's been a long time, hasn't it?

i've been up to lots and lots

last day of scouts is tomorrow

this past weekend we worked on our

cub mobile and had the race.
lots o' fun!

this weekend we are off to nyc (queens & brooklyn).
kev's great grandmother passed so we are going
down for a day or two.

monet has been busy with tap, jazz & ballet.
this year she's in the big ballet
and is graduating from elementary school!
(dress shopping here we come)

so proud of her and
so excited for her!!

hubs has been traveling. now he's in nebraska!
never been there before. and believe it or not,
omaha isn't ll that bad.
it helps that he is staying at a koko key resort
with an indoor water park!!!

jealous? yeah, me too :D

only a couple weeks left of school. thanks goodness.
i am homeworked OUT!

i've read the uglies saga-
uglies, pretties, specials, and extras

and i'm almost finishd with the host,
by stephanie meyer
i tried again and again to get into this book. it was
difficult after twilight.
but if you aren't sure about it, i can tell you that it's a great story
once you get past about 150 pages.
it takes a while to get to the good stuff.
once you get there, it's a great read!

my neighbor/friend is preggo and just got married.
AND buying a house. like all in the past 5 months!
such an exciting time for her.

we've been taking some pics in between our busy schedules
of her growing belly. she is having a girl!!!
and i've been trying to teach myself to crochet booties.
i got one done- and it is CUTE.
now getting the other one to look the same,
that's a whole different story! teehee!

thought i'd share some pics i ps'd...

tried out some layering and added the brick background.
originally the background was the white siding of a house.

and this one i used a ttv layer.

and here i used a water texture. she loves dolphins, so
i though tit would be cool to
add an element of water to a photo.
i'm not so sure i love the non-realistic feel of this, but
it was definitely fun to try something different.

this one i used a canvas exture and added the KA Phraseology font
by kayla aimee terrel from her blog
would leave a link but i'm outtie- to pick up the kids from school.

there are many more- more with faces too!
i never really thought i'd get into ps'ing!

enjoy the beautiful sunshine!!!

later gaters.

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