Jul 10, 2009

where does this fit in with my life?

so moving... and all that it entails

after 7 years of living in the same location
we have accumulated an insane amount of
(shall we call them) sentimental items.

these items range from things i someday intend
to include in a scrapping project, to items my husband
has forgotten what they go to but might one day
remember and need. such items would be tucked away
into places such as the breadbox or in a bowl that belongs to no set,
sometimes even in places like my underwear drawer
or even placed on a windowsill...
all with good intentions of finding these items a home.

so here i am in our new place with items with no home.
it is driving me absolutely crazy. there are numerous drill bits
and screwdrivers in just about every room of this place.
these items do not fit into my life in an kind of way
except that i know that they need a home and they are in my way.
but they do not belong to me so i cannot just throw them out.

it's unbelievable how much a single person an accumulate.
it's also amazing when i think of how much we have already eliminated
and still i feel like we brought too much with us.

how overwhelming it is when i think of the fact
that i still have to figure out where the out of season clothes
and decorations that i want to hold on to will go.
so far everything has been sent off to the basement.

little by little the pile is growing.
someday this summer i will have a yard sale.
i just have to breath and stay sane until the time comes.

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