May 11, 2009

when i was a little girl i always knew that i wanted to be
a mommy.
what i never knew was just how rewarding

being a mother is.
my own mother was not always there for me,
which has taught me a good lesson
on what kind of mommy
i need to be.

yesterday evening i sat down at the table with
my two beautiful children

and we each made a list


1. every day i ask myself,
"what can i do to make you better people?"
(you always come first)
2. every hug & kiss is filled with so much love.
even the little squeezes and pecks n the cheek.
(of course, smooches & bear hugs are too!)

3. i always see the best in each of you. yes, even
when we are having a tough day.
(you both have those eyes that get me
every time)
4. showing you how to do things and watching
you learn with such curiosity is
one of my most favorite things to do with you.
(this makes each and every day
an adventure that i look forward to)

5. when i wish you "sweet dreams",
i really do wish you the sweetest dreams of all.

(my sweet smelling babies in jammies
truly makes me melt)

i love mommy because

1. she loves me
2. she's cute
3. she is nice
4. and pretty
5. loving
6. caring
7. joyful

8. wondrous
9. awesome
10. rockin'

i love mommy because
1. she helps me with my chores

2. she loves me
3. she helps me on the computer
4. she helps me learn to skateboard
5. she loves when i bring her flowers
6. she give me the best presents

7. she helps me roller-skate
8. she is so pretty, prettier than a rainbow
9. she is a great homework helper
10. she shared her diet cherry vanilla dr. pepper with me

cinnamon buns, flowers, hanging plant, painted toenails,
rings, handmade gifts, dinner, time, snuggles,
help with housework, and cards

this make me feel so blessed to have such loving and

thoughtful children who love me so much


on friday we spent some time snapping new photos of my
sweet girl! she just colors my world!

ps: tomorrow is my big 30!
i can't believe it!



Jody said...

You have such sweet children :)
Happy 30th tomorrow!

Linda Rodriguez said...

What a sweet and lovely post! Your children are lucky to have you, and you are lucky to have them. :) Happy 30th birthday!

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