Jun 18, 2007

Clap Games

Do you remember playing these games with your girlfriends as a child? I remember playinghtem on the playground and at picnics and at our lockers in the hallways!
My daughter and her girlfriends are always playinghtem. It really amazes me how she can remember all of the words! But ask her all her multiplication facts, Ha!!

It's so cute how they get going faster and faster, clapping their hands in sync with each other to see who can goof first!

I thought itwould be a fun idea to make her a book doing playing these games and having her tell me all the words to the games she knows and sticking them into this little 7Gypsies mini book decorated with some Hambly Studios overlays and some Roxie by Love, Elsie. I really likethat this mini wil be something created by the both of us since I need her help with all of the words!

Just a few more dys left until we are on OFFICIAL summer vacation. I am so excited to be able to do whatever we want for a couple of weeks! Just enjoyingbeing at home with nowhere to go.

Today was my first time ever submitting for publication. I don't know exactly what made me want to do it today except for the fact that I am absolutely in love with the layout I created (see below). Hopefully I will be chosen for publication- wow,that would be like a dream come true for me!

SIS TV has put up the new Collection. The guest Designer for July is Rebecca Sower!!! I can't wait to see what comes from all scrappers withthis kit! It looks to be awesome. THey warned it would just get better and better!!!

Today is gorgeous! I want to sit out on my porch and drink some iced lemon tea :) Maybe my neighbor will join me! Have a wonderful day!

I'm going to being something new things here on my blog. Just for the sake of inspiration. I have a list of words I would like to share with you, maybe they could inspire you to use words on a layout that maybe you have not used before or maybe a words could inspire you to try a different way of placing elements or papers onto your layout.

5 for now!!!


I will share what I come up with- so link me up to what you have done too!!
Have fun!


DBird said...

I totally remember clap games, hhahaa :) cute little mini!

Vee said...

i loved those games
i remember them all and can't wait to do them with my daughter :)
love your mini :)

Barbara said...

I remember those games... i try to teach my little brothers them... i always got frustrated when boys didnt get it! The mini is awesome...

miss morgan... said...

this is soooo cute! i want to see the finished product!

michelle said...

i love those.. my sisters and i would do them for hours..but i havent done them in years since i have two boys..

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