Jun 19, 2007

What a BIG Baby!!!

Hopefully within the next week or so this big baby, named Bo, will be our newest family member. He is a Saint Bernard who was rescued and is now living in a wonderful foster home, not far from us. We inquired about adopting a Saint a week ago and are overwhelmed with how compassionate this rescue is. We are supposed to go to meet Bo within the next week and have a home visit shortly after that. Hopefully we will be approved and will be able to keep Bo. He is a big sweetie and his Foster Mommy says she can't sing her praises about him enough.

Today I am working on some tags to add to my very neglected Etsy shop. They are cute, simple tags that maybe you could hang on a candlestick or a wreath or arrangement of sorts for an added touch. I love to play with my stamps and color pencils, so this was the perfect way to get that out of my system. Besides, having a new family member means we need to step it up a bit in the extra money department ;)

In my entry below I added a few words of inspiration that I am aiming to give a try to see what I come up with. If those words do not resinate with you maybe you could try these:


whether you use them as a journaling jumpstart, a title idea, or as an actual element, or as inspiration for a photograph, I thought it would be interesting to see how these words could stimulate your artistic self. If you come up with anything I would love for you to share what you did so link it up!

Have a peaceful and productive day!


Barbara said...

I love the song on your page... && the doggy is so cute! I hope you get it!

Suzie said...

that is one BIG dog! But what a cutie :)

Maria said...

What a cute dog!

NancyJones said...

OH WHAT A DARLING PUPPY DOG. I dont know if it would like the weatehr down here in mobile though hahaha ITS HOT HOT HOT! THey are such sweet dogs thougha nd are so good with children i hear.

leslie said...

Bo is so cute!! I am so glad that you are adopting from a rescue. I'm a big advocate of adopting from shelters instead of breeders. I hope you get him!!

michelle said...

he is a beauty.. i love bernards and all giant breed dogs.. they have the best dispositions and are great with kids, too

Vee said...

what a cute dog!!

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