Feb 8, 2007

What A Deal!

I've been eyeing these babies for quite some time. I am totally one to pass up somethng, even though I love it, if it is not on sale! I am a total bargain shopper. So I was at the Dollar General store and what did I see? The baskets I have been coveting for months ON SALE!!!
I know I want to put something scrappy in them because they have these fantastc leather handles so I can carry them from my closet to my table- I think it will have to be new scrapping goodies for my new baskets.
Aren't they cool?

I started working on my trash 2 treasure project last night.
Below you can see step by step how I am accomplishing the trash 2 treasure project. It's turning out pretty cool so far. Be sure to check back to see the final steps and the finished product!

So far I have covered the sides of the tote with patterned cardstock. I opted for cardstock since it is thick and will make the tote a bit sturdier.


Jen said...

What great baskets! I want to get something like that to hold all of my rub-ons and alpha stickers - to flip through them all, instead of having them in drawers that I never open. I'll have to see if there is a Dollar General anywhere around here :)

Monica and the team said...

beautiful baskets love them!

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