Sep 9, 2007

The wonderful Miss Moxie aka Morgan is who I am gifting the Elsie "Music Therapy" print to! When I saw the print I knew that it was meant for her! Isn't it wonderful when you see something that is just perfect for someone you know, who you think is sweet and could use a nice gift! I will get to meet Morgan at the crop on Oct 8 at mlpa, so I thought I'd hold onto it until then and give it to her in person.

The first week of school went great. The kids both really like their teachers this year. Jaden is in Kindergarten. So far the transistion has been smooth as butter. I am hoping that this pattern continues. Monet hasn't had homework yet but I am sure that will change come tomorrow. She's a big 4th grader now! She has informed me that they are changing classes this year for a couple of classes to prepare them for Middle School. I think that is pretty cool!

I had another great discussion with my Pastor and his wife about the scrapbooking classes at our church. They seem very excited and are interested in trying this out for our Outreach Ministry. If that doesn't fly then we can try to do the program separate from the church by pretty much letting me use the space to hold the functions. Either way I still get to teach which is awesome but I still think it would be great if we used it as outreach. We will see what God wants it to be and go with that.

I worked on some layouts for Breanne's Personal Challenges. They are tough to do but each one let me get some feelings down on paper that I probably would not have otherwise. They are not the pretty moments. They are actually about events that happened in my life that I would rather erase or well, have rather not have had to deal with at all. But then I think about these moments, even though they are not something I would normally tell others about- and realize that they have made me who I am today. And I don't think I turned out all too shabby!


miss morgan... said...

i am so excited! can't wait to meet you!

sally hanna said...

that print is perfect for morgan..y'all have fun!
loved all the realness in your challenge layouts.
your babies are adorable!

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