Jun 5, 2007

Circle Journal

I'm late I'm late! And I'm so, so sory! I'm headed out to the PO NOW! I swear it!

Anyhow my CJ is going to Miss Morgan first and since she's so sweet and has been waiting on me patiently I"m RAKing her some of my goodies.

okay- gotta get to that PO!!!

ETA: Back from the PO- it's officially mailed!
So here is my Circle Journal - Circle of Inspiration

Front Cover:

My Inspiration Page and one Tag included with instructions inside:

Inside Back Cover:

Back Cover:


Eminepala said...

Wow girl.. She will get a lot of yummy stuff... You are so generous ;)


miss morgan... said...

wow jess! that's amazing! thank you so much! can't wait to play!!!

scrap {n} flava said...


I can't wait until she sees it all!

michelle said...

very cool! what a huge RAK! I feel all chintzy with mine!

Marie said...

wow pretty awesome!!!!Love it!

sally hanna said...

love your cj
it looks fab!
what an awesome rak...wowsa!!

Vee said...

look at the yummy goods!!
cool cj :)

michelle raMirez said...

oh this is so fun!!!

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