Mar 16, 2007

I Love Blueprint magazine!

I am always finding really great goodies in this magazine. Today I was flipping through and found this company called start here.

Love the concept they have thought of - love the pockets- love the tabs- love the lined, grid, and plain paper...all of it and the best part is that once you fill it up you can just buy another notebook and connect them together. Now that's what I'm talkin' about!
Check it out! I bought the three level, both colr sets of library pockets, and one set of the tabs. I can't wait to get it and start filling it with all kinds of good schtuff.

I also went on a search for these cool vinyl frames to store pages in. THey come in close to perfect sizes to store layouts in or to stick inspiration peices in for later use. You can hold a group of them together with a ring or ribbon I suppose. I really think they look great to hold wall art. We have a hallway that we call "Jaden's Wall of Fame" which is covered in his art from school. I think it would look great to hang what we can in these "job jackets" as seen {HERE} in Blueprint magazine.

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