Mar 1, 2007

A delicious obsession

I have been shopping. Lots and lots of shopping. (insert UBER excited smilie here)
See the scary thing is not how much I am accumulating, but how much fear I have of actually cutting these things- I love my scissors and paper more than any other material items I own but I just cannot get myself to bring the two together.
Soon enough though, they must join, one in each hand, to create perfect harmony...

Here is a peek into my lovely new scrap stash...

As you can see, I have lots to play with and hopefully it will keep me satisfied for a while. And the cherry on top is I have clear stamps on the way from Poppy Ink. If I remember correctly, I ordered Bling (which is a chandelier), Oh Deer (wait til you see this darling stamp!) Make A WIsh (dandelions set) and Stortime (way too cute). Story time I actually bought from another member when she realized that she had it already- so that was pure luck. I will have to post a message here for the next time PI has the Pretty Little Stamp Shop open. I believe it will be open again in May.


Anonymous said...

GREAT stash....i wanna come over and play!!!!

Sorry you didnt get a kit this month....real bummer...but dont give up hope!!!

Have a great day!

Vee said...

love for stash!!
i see hambly there, I have some of that too (limited ed. screens)
you will love the deer stamp
so so cute!!
I ordered the bling too but haven't used it yet
have fun creating!

staceyfike said...

you HAVE been shopping!!! the only cure for the cutting fear is to dive into it and HAVE FUN!!!

Monica and the team said...

oh smack ! i am loving this new stuff! lucky gal! have fun !

Anonymous said...

i had to come and see what goodies you bought.
it looks like you are about to have some fun!

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