Feb 1, 2007

shopping for a camera...

Today I went online to Best Buy to shop around for a camera. I don't have a lot of luck in this department. You won't believe this but both of our cameras are broken. No one dropped them or anything. We have no idea what happened but they both just stopped working. So there won't be any new photos up for a while. Hopefully I will be purchasing my new camera in the next few days. Oh, I really hope so.
Dh purchased a touch screen dvd player/stereo for his truck. Just what he needs ;) So that gives me 100% incentive to get my camera. Funny how I always get my way.

Last night I completed a challenge that was posted up at Scrappers Daily Dose for the Look Book and it was so much fun. It was a layout by Jamie Waters, "A Perfect Afternoon". Oh, so beautiful. It was so much fun to do. This is the photo I used for this challenge:

The next challenge is a layout by Tara Whitney from page 36 in the Look Book. Absolutley Amazing. I have just the right photos for this design that I've been working on getting scrapped.
If you haven't tried any of these or at least peeked at some of the designs, you really must. The designers are fabulous!

I'm looking forward to the weekend. Another Saturday Scrap with Jen! Maybe I can take some photos of my layouts while I'm there so I can share with you here.


Monica and the team said...

ooohhhh! have fun shopping for your camera ! cant wait to hear what you buy ! have a fun scrappy weekend w/ jenn

Darlene said...

People should read this.

background-image: url(http://i263.photobucket.com/albums/ii139/JessicaNole/JenniferPebbles_2ps_ChocolateWood.jpg); background-attachment: fixed }