Feb 4, 2007

Scrappy Saturday II

Today I finished three layouts at Jen's house. This has never happened before so it was a huge accomplishment for me. Her dh made some awesome stuffed shells for dinner so we were able to work pretty much uninterrupted. It was a great scrappy day and that always makes a mama happy!

So- last night Dh and I went out for dinner for our 8th Anniversary with no kids and we were so lucky to pick up a last minute sitter! After that we took a trip to walmart and they had the camera I wanted on display but not in stock. I swear that every time I go there to purchase something, they never have what I want in stock and they never know when they will get in back in either. So we came home and did a bit of online shopping around. I actually found the best deal at Circut City. I picke dout the Canon S3 SI point-and-shoot. I love it and can't wait to get my hands on that baby. I"ve been wanting a nice camera for a few years now and finally- it is the best anniversary gift ever!
We also got a bit of snow las tnight too. I thin it may snow tonight as well. Hopefully it will keep up and by the time my camera garrives, we will have enough beautiful white snow to take some winter photos. I have none so far this year.

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jenjen said...

I had loads of fun scrapping last night! We so have to do that more often!

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